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Winery on the Gruene - New Braunfels Tubing Blog

Winery on the Gruene


Just a little northeast of San Antonio, where the Guadalupe and the Comal Rivers meet, there is a hidden jewel!

The town of New Braunfels was established in 1845, when it was settled by German immigrates. The Gruene Village that is still located inside the city limits dates back to a time when cotton was big. The Village boosted everything from a bank, post office, school, and a general store. The area even had a lumberyard, gristmill, cotton gin, and a community dance hall! Now it is all a part of the Gruene Historical District of New Braunfels. Tourists come to dine in the old gristmill and listen to live music at the Gruene Hall.

Tourists also come to the town every year to do everything from dipping their toes in The Comal and walking through Landa Park to taking fun-filled, cooling rides in the cold-spring fed rivers that run through town. But, if cold water on a hot Texas day isn’t for you, don’t worry; there are plenty of other things to take up your time. Not to mention that New Braunfels still holds a German-style Sausage Festival every November, and The Wassailfest every December!

For those with a little more laid-back taste, there is The Vineyard at Gruene.

Where you can walk the vineyards or simply enjoy a wine tasting. The Vineyard hosts many events in its Texas-styled structures that include; the Grande Room that is the main room and the center of the winery, a Club Room that is on the second floor, The Pub, and of course, the Patio! The Vineyard at Gruene will even cater private events for its customers.

Tourists can enjoy a full day of relaxation at the winery, surrounded by the some of the best Texas hill country to be seen, and the quiet, laid-back atmosphere that the vineyard offers.


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