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Tobacco Haus Cigar Lounge & Bar - New Braunfels Tubing Blog

Tobacco Haus Cigar Lounge & Bar


We understand if maybe the water attractions and handsome countryside of New Braunfels doesn’t always float your boat. Maybe you want something a little more social, a little more of a refined experience with a nice drink on the side.

In that case we are delighted to be able to point you to the Tobacco Haus Cigar Lounge And Bar, perched on the easy to access northern corner of New Braunfels Marketplace. In the smoky and polished confines of this bar you will find lovely company and of course, fabulous cigars; hand rolled and premium in over a dozen varieties. If you’ve never tried a cigar before, this place is your perfect opportunity; you can come and talk to our various experts on which cigar would best suit your taste.

Maybe you would prefer something of a souvenir, or a type of smoke you could reuse, in which case Tobacco Haus caters for you too, with a fine selection of hand crafted pipes they have something you can take home to keep for all the years to come, as well as some premium pipe tobacco to get you started. For those looking for a new experience or for cigar connoisseurs alike, Tobacco Haus is the place to come.

Not only that, but the Haus delivers on drinks too; with a huge range of beers, cocktails and daily special drinks. Or maybe you like poker, or trivia; the Haus runs these events from Monday to Saturday. Gamble, test your knowledge, challenge your luck with bingo, or even have a try at Trivingo on Tuesdays. Don’t know what Trivingo is? Go and find out. You won’t regret it. In fact, going to the Tobacco Haus Cigar Lounge might just be the highlight of your week.


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