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Texas Ski Ranch - New Braunfels Tubing Blog

Texas Ski Ranch


The word paradise consists of numerous images involving beach side resorts, a personal island where worries and responsibilities are a thought for another day, and relaxation which brings the tranquillity many seek after rough days on the job.  This style of paradise intrigues the majority of us.  However, a time comes when the need to burn energy comes alive and that itch for adventure grows in the boredom of continuous relaxation.  Paradise can be found in an adventure beyond the white beaches, and Texas Ski Ranch offers this thrilling feature.

Located off Highway 35 in New Braunfels, Texas, 70 acres of gripping activity awaits its visitors to provide endless entertainment.  Texas Ski Ranch’s unique surroundings present various hobbies that will meet anyone’s interest.  Whether the family wishes to wakeboard or try water-skis, take a crack at the skate park, or snowboard in the summer there’s an attraction for every member of the family.

Wakeboard and water-ski coaches and rental boats are available for group events or private lessons for beginners of any age, as well as camps for those craving a summer on the water.  The skate park’s 15,000 foot layout provides enjoyment and challenges for beginners or those advanced.  Skateboarders need to supply their own skateboard and bike as there are no rentals, but this allows one to further their skills with equipment that’s familiar.  Snowboarding in the summer sounds bizarre, but with the park’s terrain of slopes slickened by water with no actual snow involved it mimics the experience of boarding on snow for those who may dislike the cold weather.  Boredom couldn’t possibly exist in this type of setting!

Time isn’t of importance as guests spend an exhilarating day at Texas Ski Ranch.  Take a chance and venture to a newfound journey.  An adventurous paradise awaits you!

Contact for information or booking:

Phone: (830) 627-2843

Fax: (830) 626-3742

Email: Info@TexasSkiRanch.com

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