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Stars and Stripes Drive In Theatre - New Braunfels Tubing Blog

Stars and Stripes Drive In Theatre

If you are looking for a city to just spend some time and relax with family or alone, New Braunfels, Texas is the place to escape to. This small city, rich with German heritage offers you all you need to have a satisfying and enjoyable holiday.
New Braunfels offers spas, lakes, parks, various museums and monthly festivals. This city, having a rich history is perfect for those history buffs as well as different water sports for the outdoor people, is an ideal fit for any kind of person. For families there is the famous Schlitterbahn New Braunfels Waterpark and if the parents would like some alone time from the kids, after all it is a vacation for everybody, there is the McKenna Children’s Museum to let the kids enjoy themselves alone for a while.

In this city there is also a nostalgic scene which people nowadays crave, the starts and stripe drive-in theatre. Drive-in theatres are rare in today’s world and many of us don’t get the chance to ever see one but now we get to experience it, thanks to the star and stripes drive-in theatre. Sitting in your car or the back of truck with your loved ones and just enjoying a movie out in the open sounds like the perfect way to get away from life and slip into something different.

The drive-in offers 3 different screens and is open every night for a little escape. And the snacks are everything you want, rich juicy burgers, warm buttery pop corn, ice cold drinks and much more and the best part, they are reasonably priced. It may be retro but it shows the latest movies. And don’t worry about the volume situation since each screen plays the movie through a different radio station assuring you the perfect movie experience right in your car. So grab your keys for your cars and trucks or your lawn chairs, pack extra blankets if it gets cold and get ready to enjoy a nice movie with a light breeze and some warm pop corn, out in the open in a drive-in theatre.


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