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Spass Walking Tours of New Braunfels - New Braunfels Tubing Blog

Spass Walking Tours of New Braunfels


5 New Braunfels Walking Tours by Spass

Spass means fun in German and that is certainly what you will have on a Spass walking tour. With five fantastic tours to choose from, the hardest part will be deciding which one to participate in.

New Braunfels Downtown Art Mural Tours

Stroll past the seven murals located in downtown New Braunfels while learning about the city’s history. Through the art depicted on the murals, you will meet some interesting characters like Hermann Seele, the community’s first schoolteacher, and Ferdinand Jacob Lindheimer, father of botany in Texas. After you have completed this relatively flat hour-long tour, you will have a new appreciation for the hardships endured by these early pioneers.

New Braunfels Cemetery Tour

The use of a divining rods to located lost graves is a practice known to only a few select people, but after you take this two-hour tour through Comal Cemetery and New Braunfels Cemetery, you will be on your way to knowing more about this lost art.

Historic New Braunfels Tour

Follow the saga of the first settlers in New Braunfels on this walking tour that is just a little over two hours long. Learn how Prince Solms and his engineer Nicholas Zink used the latest research to lay out the town in 1845. Then, follow the path along past the beautiful art murals to the recently restored Comal County Courthouse as you hear a story of bravery that is hard to believe.

Prost! Saloon Tour

Recognized around the world for its great German beer, guests on this tour can sample many of the fine beers that are served throughout New Braunfels. Prost roughly translates to cheers in the German language and that will be what you will be doing on this unique tour.

Taste of New Braunfels Tour

New Braunfels has so many outstanding restaurants, that it is impossible to choose just one. Therefore, enjoy a sampling from six local restaurants on this tour.

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