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Prince Solms Park - New Braunfels Tubing Blog

Prince Solms Park


A beautiful park, located on the crystal clear Comal River, is a popular spot for tubing activities and swimming. The area around the park is listed on top ten spots of swimming holes as here water is very cool, clear and quiet. It serves as an entry point, an exit point and a standalone picnic and recreation venue. Many tubers, tubing constantly in Comal, rest in Prince Solms Park. It attracts many visitors all part of the country.

Moreover the park’s name is named after the founder of New Braunfels; Prince Carl of Solms-Braunfels. The name disappoints but park does not. The parks name often confuses many people to assume that the park is based on some historical theme which is not true.

The park area includes Lighted Basketball courts, Lighted Tennis courts, Open Space, Veterans Monument, 9 holes Disc Golf Course, Drinking Fountain, very huge parking area and benches are all over the park.

This time visit the park for something different, play a game of Disc Golf there. The 9 holes course has a length of 1,808 feet and winds through the scenic park and along the Comal River. Other best thing is trails. Get active, Get fit. There’s no better location to walk in New Braunfels where fresh air, sunshine and nature are abundant. Four Tennis Courts are available in the park, based on first-come, first served basis. Also picnic areas are available for reservation.

Make sure you visit Prince Solms Park and explore its wonderful premises.

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