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Guadalupe River - New Braunfels Tubing Blog

Guadalupe River


The Guadalupe River, whose tributary is Comal River, runs from Kerrville to San Antonio Bay on the Gulf of Mexico. The cities on its banks are Kerrville, New Braunfels, Seguin, Gonzales, Cuero and Victoria. There are several dams along its length, the most notable of which, Canyon Dam, which is in northwest of New Braunfels.

The part between Canyon Dam and New Braunfels is mostly used for tubing and other activities in terms of recreation. It is a famous spot for white water rafters, canoeists’ kayakers and tubing. There could be thousands of tubers along its stretch as per the conditions as the flow is controlled by Canyon Dam. If the flow of river is less than 2,500 cu ft/s then rafting and paddling can be done.

The state of river can change rapidly. It can become furious within an hour due to heavy rainfall. However the flow is controlled by Canyon Dam and is operated by Army Corps of Engineers. It is well maintained to ensure safety. If flow is above 1,000 cu ft/s then it is considered too dangerous for recreational purpose. So it is better you do consult the authorities about the river before going there for recreational purpose.

On the bank of Guadalupe River, a Guadalupe State Park is located in the middle of nine- mile stretch of the river. There various outdoor activities can be enjoyed including canoeing, swimming, fishing, hiking, picnicking and camping. People who love to study nature and birds have lot of opportunities here. No equestrian camping is available at the park.

Make plans for visiting this wonderful river of wonderful city. Enjoy the white-water sports and tubing in this beautiful river.


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