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Greune Antique Company - New Braunfels Tubing Blog

Greune Antique Company

Gruene Antique Company is situated just across the Gruene hall near New Braunfels. The company boasts of a 6,500 sq. ft. of antiques, collectibles, gifts and decor in a stunning Texas Landmark Building. This landmark building was established in 1903 by Henry D. Gruene as a place for tenant farmers where they can buy their wares and also do business during the weekends.


At present, the Gruene antique company holds the large center room of the building which was once used to store dry goods for sale. The company also encompasses the east wing which once hosted the original bank vault of Gruene. The antique mall has been in business since a very long time and is one of the favourite destinations for antique piece collectors.

The historic district of Gruene is a must visit place to admire the gruene antique shop and 25+ other shops present here.  After being done visiting the shop you can grab a bite at Mozie’s or the Gristmill, then head over to Gruene Hall for one of their nightly shows!

You can stroll through the auction and consignment gallery of the gruene antique company to discover hundreds of quality antiques, arts, antique collectibles and vintage jewellery. You can also enjoy at the Gruene hall which is the oldest continuously operated dance hall of Texas. The hall was established in 1878, Gruene hall is 6000 square foot dance hall which still hosts the features of 1900’s and 40’s to provide a complete retro look.  The hall continues to be the center for social and entertainment activities in Greune and central Texas. The hall is internationally recognized as a tourist attraction and hosts major musical events and serves as venue for performance of well established artists.

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