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Comal River - New Braunfels Tubing Blog

Comal River


Known as the “longest shortest river in the world”, Comal River runs entirely within the city limits of New Braunfels. It is a side river of the Guadalupe River. The river begins at Landa Park and flows 2.5 miles before meeting Guadalupe. As it is a tributary of Guadalupe, it is known as Little Guadalupe in early Spanish accounts.

In history, German settlers used this river to power water mills and cotton gins and soon after hydroelectric power. Today the river is used for water recreation. The Comal River is the home for the Fountain Darter fish.

Because of its clear water, mild currents and a host of treasures left by tubers, the Comal River is an ideal spot for river tubing in New Braunfels. Diving can be done both in summers and winters as temperature of Comal River is approximately 72 degrees Fahrenheit all over the year. Unlike its furious counterpart, the Guadalupe River, tubing on the river is more peaceful. The river is known for its calmness and you can enjoy its natural beauty in spring and summers. The very famous Schlitterbahn Water Park is built along a 16-acre stretch of the river.

You can stay at the chute when you visit Comal River. Immediately after you exit from the chute, you will experience calm, slow and steady flow of the river and it is the best location for enjoying the scenery. During the hot summer months, the water is still 72 degrees Fahrenheit which will give you a chilling experience while you relax on your tube. Tubing in comal river is far better than spending time in a chemical filled pond.

The river is clean; its water is crystal clear due to its constant flow. Every turn of river gives you a unique surprise which adds to its beauty.


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