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Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo - New Braunfels Tubing Blog

Animal World and Snake Farm Zoo

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Near Austin, San Antonio and San Marcos exists an amazing world of animal and beautiful snakes for all the animal lovers who enjoy spending their time with nature. This zoo is called animal world because it offers a number of animals, alligators, snakes, cats etc. This was started in 1967 and didn’t stop being a major attraction for all the tourists. The zoo has hundreds and hundreds of amazing species and states’ largest snake collection it is open for everyone from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm ticket ranges from $12.75 to $9.75 and children less than 3 years of age can go for free.

There are a number of reviews you can read about the zoo. There used to be a time when people were unsatisfied with the living condition of the animal and their cages used to be old from 1967’s time, concrete bases cage which was making animals unhappy. But now this has changed there are a number of new and exciting features being added to the zoo. They have hired and started a proper system which inspects the living condition and health of the animals in the farm.  Recently the zoo has added 2 new lions Ngala (female) and mostwari  (male) they are two unrelated white lions and are the attraction of the new show the “Ghosts of the jungle”

If anyone is interested in knowing about new and exciting features of animal life. This can be an amazing opportunity. Individual who want to volunteer for work, the zoo gives them opportunity. People who want to spend the day can enjoy hamburgers and vegetarian meals and you will be charges the same fee as mentioned above. Tourists and travellers can enjoy amazing shows along with all the other exciting features the zoo is offering.  


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