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The Sophienburg

The Sophienburg Museum and Archives are located in New Braunfels, Texas. It is built on the historical site where Prince Carl of Solms-Braunfels, Germany, established the headquarters in 1985 for a colony that he wanted to start in the Republic of Texas. Prince Carl chose this location next to the Comal River due to the abundance of vegetation, water and good omen that he associated with the river. He and his team of pioneers then founded the city of New Braunfels, named after his hometown, Braunfels, in Germany.

Prince Carl built a castle on a hill overlooking the new town and named it Sophienburg, meaning Sophie’s Castle, in honour of his fiancée Lady Sophia the Princess of Salm-Salm. However, when Prince Carl went back to Germany to bring Lady Sophia to the new home, she refused to leave. Prince Carl chose to marry Sophia, stayed in Germany and never returned to Texas. The castle was left under the care of the Adelsverein, otherwise called the Society for the Protection of German Immigrants in Texas.

When the Adelsverein went bankrupt in 1847, the castle was left unused until a group of citizens bought the site. The state of Texas incorporated the group as a memorial association in 1933. From then, the association filled the small museum with artefacts and also made it a library for New Braunfels. The library was later converted into archives after a new library was built by the city.

About The Sophienburg Museum and Archives

The museum is well-stocked with documents, maps, interesting photographic images and artefacts that take visitors through the rich heritage of Comal County and New Braunfels. The museum also runs other educative programs like community events, programs for schools and public lectures that play a big role in promoting the captivating history of the area.

The archives provide a spectacular repository of information about the activities of German immigrants into Texas. A broad collection including categories such as letters and papers, maps, newspapers, photographs, rare books and a research library can be found in the archives.

The Sophienburg Museum and Archives are open 5 days every week, Tuesday through to Saturday. It is well accessible by the handicapped and on a wheelchair. You can also take a few photographs in designated exhibit areas.

Take a tour today!


Canyon Lake


Canyon Lake is situated on the Guadalupe River in the Texas Hill country, United States. The Canyon Lake is spread across 8230 surface acre area having an enormous shoreline covering 80 miles. The geographical location of the Canyon Lake is in between San Antonio and Austin about 14 miles northwest of New Braunfels on FM 306 from IH-35.

The Canyon Lake is having a depth of 43 feet which is said to be the deepest lakes in Texas. It is pretty much considerable for fishing as it is full of variety of fish such as Largemouth Bass, White & Stripped Bass and Catfish. Another main attraction at the Canyon Lake shoreline are the eight public parks managed by the U.S Army Corps of Engineers where the facilities like camping and picnic spots are the optimum amusements. The Comal County also presents to you many boat ramps to reach the lake.

Another very fascinating place is the Canyon Lake Gorge which was opened in 2007 providing a tour to the rocks of strata which are more than 100 million years old having fossils and dinosaur tracks, making up a new ecosystem for wildlife having carp and other species in different pools which are fed by waterfalls and springs.

Other sites of amusement in the New Braunfels are the Canyon Dam which is located on the north side near Canyon City. The dam has a height of 224 feet above the river which is a great place have a walk and grasp some photos. There are a number of restaurants in the communities nearby that will surely fulfil your appetite for food along with the scenic views of nature. There are plenty of sea birds and white tail deer around the lake which will definitely be a pleasure for the wild life lovers.

McKenna Children’s Museum


Children are general curious by nature and if you are looking for fun things to do in New Braunfels, Texas, one of the best places to be has to be McKenna Children’s museum.

A Fun Learning Way

As parents, we are all looking for ways to educate and entertain our child.  The McKenna Children’s museum is so designed that it can help you achieve both simultaneously.

There are a lot of different segments in the museum ranging from bank to hospital, grocery store and more. Every segment has something to offer as it will arouse the curiosity of your child, entertain them and at the same time, allow them to grow and evolve as well.

There is ample opportunity for a child to laugh, learn and love the time spent here too. Children can act like a doctor, scientist, inventor, artist, gardener and a plethora of other characters. As they play these roles, they get to learn a lot about life and this in turn will help them understand the nuances of how every operation works.

The focus isn’t only on learning because children get the opportunity to enjoy to their heart’s content. The outdoor water table has been fully renovated and every child who loves splashing water and having a great time at the pool will love it.

The McKenna Children’s museum has been brilliantly designed and is definitely a top rated attraction in New Braunfels, Texas.  There are a lot of events which are held here at different times of the day and you should take a look at the same and participate in it to allow your child’s imagination to reach new level.

So, if you are looking for some amazing time in the park and you wish to entertain your child and impart the right values, McKenna Children’s museum is certainly a great choice! We recommend visiting it.

Schlitterbahn New Braunfels Water park


So what comes after the thought of summer is simply the thought of having a great vacation. Barbeque and fun in the water seem to spell like summer, isn’t it? And it goes down to where it will all happen.

Schlitterbahn Water Park Resort in New Braunfels, Texas has built its reputation as one of the country’s best summer destinations.  Not only known for being the world’s first ever water park it also takes pride for being the best for almost 20 years now. Isn’t that exciting enough, and the areas favorite river outfitter for Comal River Toobing floats right by the park for a great view!

With loads of activities that the whole family will surely enjoy, it is easily a great place to have a great time. This family themed resort boasts its world-class amenities from all the fun water activities that you can choose from, to comfortable cabanas for your family picnic and barbeque, and to the homey cottages for an awesome stay-vacation – just fun and relaxation at it’s finest.

Choose from the variety of waterslides distinctly designed both for kids and fun-loving adults to enjoy, have a blast in the Master Blaster, get beachy in the Wave Pool, relax and go with the flow with the River Rides, get close to the wild in the Congo Ride and a lot more. Think fun and adventure all in one place. To make your stay complete, choose from the variety of mouth-watering food and cool drinks that resort serve daily. Feel at home and relax in the clean and cozy rooms after a fun-filled day.
Located in 400 N. Liberty New Braunfels in Texas, you should never forget that this place is always packed with tourist especially during the summer season. Make sure to book your trip ahead to maximize your time enjoying all the water park has to offer. You can even book online and save a few bucks. Visit their website at www.schlitterbahn.com/new-braunfels details and reservations. So what are you waiting for? Summer is here and it’s always in Schlitterbahn Water Park Resort.

Texas Ski Ranch


The word paradise consists of numerous images involving beach side resorts, a personal island where worries and responsibilities are a thought for another day, and relaxation which brings the tranquillity many seek after rough days on the job.  This style of paradise intrigues the majority of us.  However, a time comes when the need to burn energy comes alive and that itch for adventure grows in the boredom of continuous relaxation.  Paradise can be found in an adventure beyond the white beaches, and Texas Ski Ranch offers this thrilling feature.

Located off Highway 35 in New Braunfels, Texas, 70 acres of gripping activity awaits its visitors to provide endless entertainment.  Texas Ski Ranch’s unique surroundings present various hobbies that will meet anyone’s interest.  Whether the family wishes to wakeboard or try water-skis, take a crack at the skate park, or snowboard in the summer there’s an attraction for every member of the family.

Wakeboard and water-ski coaches and rental boats are available for group events or private lessons for beginners of any age, as well as camps for those craving a summer on the water.  The skate park’s 15,000 foot layout provides enjoyment and challenges for beginners or those advanced.  Skateboarders need to supply their own skateboard and bike as there are no rentals, but this allows one to further their skills with equipment that’s familiar.  Snowboarding in the summer sounds bizarre, but with the park’s terrain of slopes slickened by water with no actual snow involved it mimics the experience of boarding on snow for those who may dislike the cold weather.  Boredom couldn’t possibly exist in this type of setting!

Time isn’t of importance as guests spend an exhilarating day at Texas Ski Ranch.  Take a chance and venture to a newfound journey.  An adventurous paradise awaits you!

Contact for information or booking:

Phone: (830) 627-2843

Fax: (830) 626-3742

Email: Info@TexasSkiRanch.com

The Bandit Golf Club

Whether you happen to live in San Antonio or you’re going there for vacation, if golfing is one of your favorite things to do, then The Bandit will definitely be one of your favorite places to go!

Located in New Braunfels, approximately 30 minutes outside of downtown San Antonio, Texas, the sophisticated design of the almost 7,000 yards course comes complete with sculpted fairways and amazingly beautiful greens. Its intricate detailing is one of the reasons why The Bandit has been hailed as being one of the Top 10 courses in all of Texas by Golfweek Magazine. Its great rates are why it’s the kind of course that locals and tourists alike find themselves returning to season after season. (They even offer a Loyalty Rewards Program where you can earn free rounds!)

And what if you’re not a self-proclaimed golfing professional? No problem. There are lessons that are offered on-site by The Bandit staff. And what if you don’t already have the best golfing equipment? That’s covered too, thanks to their pro shop.

As if all of this isn’t enough to get you excited, there’s more. If you want to make more than a day trip out of your experience, you are welcome to book a reservation at The Lodges at The Bandit Golf Club. They have vacation rentals where you can comfortably relax by the lake after 18 holes. Plus, if you have your family with you and you’re looking for some things to do after golfing, you’ll only be a 10-minute drive from New Braunfels and all that it has to offer—including the water amusement park Schlitterbaun, The Prime Outlet Mall and a variety of gourmet restaurants.

So really, what are you waiting for? Visit their website today so that you can make plans to spend a little time at The Bandit!

Faust Street Bridge


When it comes to bridges, it is usually those large and famous ones like the Golden Gate in San Francisco or the Tower Bridge in London that comes to mind. However, great bridges aren’t really measured by their sheer size alone – in fact, the world abounds with rather small yet charming bridges which make for wonderful travel escapades like the Faust Street Bridge.

Nestled in a lush park in Comal County, New Braunfels, Texas, Faust Street Bridge is considered as one of the place’s must-see highlights and landmarks, and for good reasons, too.

For one, the bridge provides a great view of the Guadalupe River over which it is built. From there, one can enjoy the sights of the majestic river and its surroundings. It is common to see many travellers simply sitting on the benches and staring in amazement at the natural beauty of the place, and if you’re lucky, you may spot some anglers in action, or even a turtle or two swimming lazily among the waters or basking in the sun.

The bridge also serves as a wonderful trail for walkers and bikers. Connecting Faust Street and Porter Street, hikers and bikers can cross the bridge on their way to the town area. The route is not long and challenging and will not cause you to pant, but the stunning views are more than enough to take your breath away.

Faust Street Bridge is also famous for the different activities that are conducted there. There have been some dinners and gathering held in the bridge, much to the delight of the attendees. It is also a favored spot for many romantic scenarios – wedding proposals and pictorials have been done there and many lovers have found the bridge to be a very cheery spot to have their first dates on.

So when you find yourself in New Braunfels, be sure to stop by the Faust Street Bridge. This rustic and cast-iron bridge provides for a nice stroll, amazing sights, and really great photo ops that you’d be more than proud to post and share on your social media account.